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The GPPB-TSO Open House, themed "Building Bridges to Procurement Excellence," is an innovative and dynamic event where the doors to procurement innovation and knowledge are flung wide open 🚪✨. This event is not just an open house; it's a golden opportunity to dive deep into the heart of procurement excellence, where every booth is a portal to learning, growth, and empowerment in the procurement field.

Imagine walking through an interactive landscape of booths, each designed to unravel the complexities of procurement processes, digital platforms, and regulatory compliance 🌉. From the hands-on guidance at the "Procurement Clinic" to the digital savvy of the "Philippine Bidding Documents Builder Registration," the open house is a treasure trove of resources. Whether you're navigating the "Online Blacklisting Portal" or delving into "Realtime EPA Generating Information and Analytics," each booth is a step towards mastering the art of procurement.

But that's not all! The "Training Request and PPSCC Info Session" is a beacon for those looking to elevate their procurement skills to new heights, offering insights into training opportunities and certification programs 🎓. This open house is more than an event; it's a community coming together to share, learn, and advance towards a common goal of procurement excellence.

We're not just offering knowledge; we're building a bridge to a future where procurement processes are transparent, efficient, and aligned with global best practices 🌐. And guess what? Every participant leaves not just with newfound knowledge but with a digital Certificate of Appearance, a testament to their commitment.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity. Register now and be part of a transformative journey towards procurement excellence. Let's build bridges together and shape a future where procurement is a cornerstone of innovation and integrity 🌟. See you at the GPPB-TSO Open House on 05 March 2024, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM!



  1. To receive your digital Certificate of Attendance, registration is mandatory.
  2. You are welcome to visit multiple booths and participate in their activities, but separate registrations are required for each one.
  3. We look forward to your active participation in the GPPB-TSO Open House and hope that you take full advantage of the learning opportunities available at each booth

Procurement Clinic Booth 🩺

Designed to offer expert legal counsel on public procurement-related matters. Visitors can walk in and present their queries to assigned legal officers, who are well-equipped to provide tailored advice and recommendations based on the specific facts and circumstances of each case. The goal of the Procurement Clinic is to help visitors navigate the complexities of procurement policies and regulations, enabling informed decision-making and compliance. By offering personalized legal support, this booth contributes to a more transparent and effective public procurement system.

Training Request and PPSCC Information Booth 🎓

Dedicated to guiding users through the process of submitting training requests and highlighting the available opportunities within the Public Procurement Specialist Certification Course (PPSCC). This interactive session aims to empower users with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance their procurement skills and qualifications, fostering professional development in the procurement community.

Philippine Bidding Documents (PBD) Builder Booth 📝

Specialized and guided service for users to create an account on a digital platform designed to automate the generation of Philippine Bidding Documents (PBDs). This interactive booth assists in ensuring that all crucial, editable sections of the PBDs are accurately completed, streamlining the document creation process while maintaining compliance and thoroughness. It's an essential resource for efficient and error-free procurement document preparation.

Realtime EPA Generating Information and Analytics (REGINA) Booth 📈

Specialized assistance to help users learn how to submit early procurement activity (EPA) compliance documents efficiently. This booth not only guides users through the submission process but also provides real-time analytics and status updates on the compliance documents submitted. It's an invaluable tool for staying informed and ensuring timely adherence to procurement regulations.

Online Blacklisting Portal (OBP) Booth ⚫

Designed to assist procuring entities in the navigation and utilization of the online blacklisting portal. This booth provides hands-on assistance in registering and understanding how to use the portal effectively, ensuring that users can efficiently manage and reference the list of blacklisted entities to maintain integrity and compliance in procurement processes.

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