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GPPB-TSO LMS: GPPB-TSO 2024 Procurement Forum Day 1 | GPPB-TSO LMS
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Get ready to explore the power of strategic procurement planning at the upcoming Procurement Forum! 🎊 The theme "Strategic Procurement Excellence: Achieving Better Outcomes Through Early Procurement Planning" 🚀 underscores the importance of proactive planning in achieving superior results.

The official hashtag, #ProcurementExcellence2024, reflects our commitment to promoting best practices and reducing instances of procurement failure and low budget utilization. 💪

The Procurement Forum is an annual event designed to:

  • Offer a platform for learning about the latest developments and trends in government procurement 📚
  • Promote sustainability in procurement practices by integrating environmentally and socially responsible requirements 🌱
  • Emphasize the benefits of early and proper planning for cost savings and efficient budget utilization 💰

Join us at the Procurement Forum 🙌 and discover how strategic procurement planning can help you achieve better outcomes and advance your procurement goals!

#ProcurementExcellence2024 #StrategicProcurementPlanning #EarlyPlanningForBetterOutcomes"

Last modified: Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 10:18 AM